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In This FREE Video You Will Learn 3 Things Every Aspiring Authorpreneur Should Do Before Publishing Their Book 

Sometimes we rush to do things because we are excited or tired of waiting, rushing your book and publishing it without doing these 3 things I share in this video can prevent you from having a Successful and Profitable Book Launch.

Inside This Video You Will Learn:

The Biggest Mistake that Costs Authors Their Time & Money

Tips That Will Help You Get Clear On How To Have a Successful Book Launch

3 Things Every Authorpreneur Should do before Publishing their book

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Here's What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

My Client was prepared before publishing his book so therefore the first few days of his launch started off as a success and he continued to make sales.

Latoya, Author of Freedom Over Fear followed many of the strategies we shared in our training and realized now is the time to publish her book, with our help she is now using it as a tool.

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